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Plus Size Clothing and Body Shape

February 03, 2020 2 min read

Plus size body types

Like finding a store that sells plus size clothing wasn’t hard enough. Women still need to find plus size clothes that suite their personal body shape. It’s no secret that we are all different and what may look great on one size 18 won’t look great on another size 18. Let’s look at the different body shapes and what women with those shapes should be looking for when buying plus size fashion.

Rectangle Shape

Women that have rectangle body shape tend to be very well proportioned. Hips, legs and arms all have great synergy with the frame of the body. Flared pants, V-neck tops and empire waist dresses are a great fit for this body shape.

Triangle Shape

A beautiful body shape that accentuates the lower half of the female body. In relativity to your hips and legs your upper body is a lot smaller and waistline is more defined. This creates a sought-after curvy silhouette that can be very fashionable. When shopping for plus size clothing look to find tops that show off your upper half like tops with a scoop or V-neckline. Wrap around dresses and A-line skirts are a must for this body shape.

Diamond Shape

Women with a diamond body shape have many beautiful assets to flaunt. Women with this body shape have near perfectly proportioned bust, hips and legs while having a fuller waist. You have lots of sexy plus size tops to choose from including scoops, cowls and V-neck tops. Flatter your mid-section with tops fitted around your bust and that flair around your waistline. Narrow pants bootleg pants work best with this body type.

Hourglass Shape

This voluptuous, curvy and proportionate body shape has a defined waistline, full bust and hips that creates an appealing feminine curvature. Asymmetric tops are always a great choice with this body shape. Pair your favorite asymmetric with a pencil skirt and use a belt to show off your waistline.

Oval Shape

Women with this beautiful body shape have a waistline fuller than their bust and hips. This body shape has a slender lower half while having perfectly proportionate face, neck and bust. Like other body shapes a sexy plus size top that shows off your neckline is your best bet. High slit pants and blouse style tops are also great choices.

Figure Eight

This body shape has perfectly inline shoulders and hips all the while accenting your silhouettes voluptuous cleavage. Your waistline is defined while adding to your curvy body shape. Your upper torso can accent with V-neck tops and softly draped necklines. Empire waist clothing is ideal to show off the gorgeous attributes of this body shape. A-line flared skirts and wide leg pants are a must for this body shape. 

Inverted Triangle

A statue like body shape that is very well proportioned. This body shape is topped with broad shoulders and a defined waistline. You have narrow hips and longer legs that look great in many different styles. Wrap dresses and V-neck tops are a staple for this figure. Darker plus size tops are a great choice to balance your broad upper body. Pencil skirts, fitted tops and wrap dresses are all great options for this body type.

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